Selecting A Great Accounting Dissertation Topic

There are many areas of study to consider when finding an accounting dissertation topic. Selecting a research title should not take a lot of effort and time with the following guidelines:

  • Reflect on what you have learned: Most teachers and lecturers require that you write a dissertation after completing the course of study. This means you have a wide range of options in regard to the subject areas from which to select a title. Sit or lie down and reflect on areas you consider easiest. In addition, consider those areas you understand well.

  • Make use of your textbooks and other resources: Some students can easily come up with a topic after reflecting on class lessons. However, it is important to peruse through the coursework textbook to remind yourself of areas that might have appeared interesting to advance research in, but which you have completely forgotten. It also works to use internet resources, including articles from other researchers in the accounting field. You can go through as many while taking notes on the possible areas of interest.

  • Ask for suggestions from friends and professionals: Colleagues can provide suggestions on which topics to discuss. You could also request them for their past papers. Professional writers can also offer suggestions on what areas that currently make great debates among stakeholders in accounting fields. This can see you discuss a title that is more current and most relevant to readers.

  • Ask yourself whether the suggestions are interesting: You can have as many suggestions for the research title as possible. However, unless they are interesting, chances are the paper content will not be interesting to read and write. Interesting topics raise matters you are motivated to find out about. Readers would rather find your work interesting too – you have higher chances of scoring top grades when the lecturer/supervisor finds the work interesting to read.

  • Ask if there are adequate research materials for the topic: This is one of the criteria for selecting a suitable title from all the listed suggestions. It can be used together with the criteria above where writers ask how interesting the title suggestion is. You do not want to begin the research and finally drop it in the middle because it is difficult to write the number of pages required. This can occur if you fail to do background checks for each suggestion to find out if there are adequate research materials. For instance, seek to know if there are any academic papers or peer-reviewed journal articles that provide adequate literature on the topical issues

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