25 Excellent Dissertation Writing Ideas On Fashion

Whether you yearn for the catwalks of London, Paris, New York or Milan, coming up with an excellent dissertation on fashion should be a breeze. Unlike a lot of heavy subjects, this is fun, fun fun! So, whether you are a wannabee fashion designer, or are thinking about a career in modelling, stop flicking through those glossy magazines while drinking your skinny lattes, and start thinking about the ideas that are going to earn you your moment of fame.

If you are still a little undecided, don’t worry because I have put together 25 excellent dissertation writing ideas on fashion especially for you:

  1. The surprise resurgence of tweed on the catwalk. What is it about this timeless Scottish classic that buyers find so appealing?

  2. Fashion for pets. Haute couture for mutts and moggies.

  3. Fashion on a budget. How high street discounters like Primark and Peacocks are leading the way and making fashion affordable to the masses.

  4. The misery behind the designer brands. A look into the sweatshops and appalling conditions suffered by workers in some factories overseas.

  5. Fashion for the fickle. Throwaway fashion at affordable prices.

  6. Accessories are king. How the right accessories can make the dullest of outfits seem glamorous.
  7. Why neck ties are outdated.

  8. Funeral fashion. Why even mourning has become a statement.

  9. Celebrity howlers.

  10. Oscar night horrors.

  11. Fashion for babies. How Prince George of Cambridge is dictating the way the middle classes dress their kids.

  12. Blouses for boys. How garments that were last seen in the middle ages and until recently were deemed feminine are now the in thing for upper class young boys.

  13. Low hanging trousers – the allure behind saggy, low hanging pants that leave little to the imagination.

  14. Victoria Beckham – A study .

  15. Lingerie – can cheap still be sexy.

  16. Mankinis – How the metrosexual male has revolutionized the fashion industry.

  17. Fashion for Goths – should mainstream fashion designers do more to cater for this resilient trend.

  18. School uniforms – Explore the pros and cons.

  19. Fashion for the over sixties. How your twilight years can still be colorful.

  20. Plus size fashion. Why are plus size models still viewed as freaks.

  21. Responsible advertising in high street stores – Is it time that we had a realistic body sized culture, rather than the penchant for twigs.

  22. Tall clothing. Why is this primarily only available online whereas petite clothing is readily available everywhere.

  23. Footwear for larger feet.

  24. Your bag as a fashion statement.

  25. Fashion for couples – what does co-ordinated.

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