Top 22 MBA Dissertation Writing Ideas Worth Investigating

Getting an MBA is the dream of any young business student, but you will have to overcome many obstacles before you can start your career. All the information that you memorized in the last years will be used in your dissertation, plus much more. Even something basic like finding the right topic can be exhausting, so here are some ideas for you to investigate:

  1. 1. Smartphone payments. Right now, more and more people use their credit cards instead of using cash. But what if they could pay for the products that they buy by using their smartphones?
  2. 2. Management skills.
  3. 3. Customer care. Should you invest in fidelity programs?
  4. 4. Fast food industry.
  5. 5. New entry employees. Discuss about how you should train them and make sure that they evolve in the desired way.
  6. 6. Multi cultural teams. Are they more efficient?
  7. 7. Globalization and the effect this has on local companies.
  8. 8. The most important marketing principles.
  9. 9. Prices and payments. How can you make clients buy more?
  10. 10. Branding. What should a manager to do make sure that the brand is well known by the public?
  11. 11. Negative advertisement. Is there such thing as “bad publicity”?
  12. 12. Social media and how to use it in your favor.
  13. 13. Global companies- why are they successful?
  14. 14. Secure investments and how to make sure that your money is safe. Many young entrepreneurs want to invest in a company, but they are not sure that this will work out for them.
  15. 15. Medicine and science- the business of the future?
  16. 16. Undeveloped countries. How can a medium company help the population?
  17. 17. Can you motivate your employees with bigger salaries? The managers proved this more than once: the better you pay your employees, the more they work.
  18. 18. Advertisement for children. Many companies try to convince children and teenagers to buy their products, even if these products are not always healthy. Is this moral?
  19. 19. Non-profit organizations. Is it worth investing your money in one?
  20. 20. Business laws in your country. What are you allowed to do and how far can you go to sell your products?
  21. 21. Negative publicity. Let’s assume a company was mentioned in a few negative articles by the press. What should the manager do to change this situation into a positive one?
  22. 22. Bank loans. When you want to start a company and you don’t have the funds, you instantly think about a bank loan. Is it worth it on long term? What other solutions you know?

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