12 Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Human Resource Management

The first key to a great dissertation in human resource management is having an outstanding topic. This should get your reader interested from the start, and make reading your dissertation much more enjoyable. Here are 12 topics to consider:

  1. Provide a critical analysis of integrative bargaining versus conflict resolution in small to mid-size businesses. Which of the two methods is more ideal for each sized business and are there other methods to consider?
  2. Identify the ways in which human resource managers create productive and non-discriminative workplaces. How do they handle concerns or issues related to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.?
  3. Analyze the changing trends in employment laws, especially in those that cover fair labor standards. Do these favor the employees more or are they written so owners can retain incentive to hire and expand?
  4. Analyze the effects of global competitiveness as it affects human resource strategies in countries or regions all over the world? For instance, what does the U.S. do to keep workers wanting to go overseas?
  5. Have whistle blowing cases gone up or down in recent years? Is this more apparent in certain industries or does it remain largely unpredictable?
  6. What advantages and challenges do affirmative action policies have on equal opportunity programs? Do these laws need to be reformed to accommodate changing populations and perceptions about equality?
  7. What are the most effective methods for human resource managers to encourage leadership development in the work place? What are the biggest investment challenges faced by today’s employment trends?
  8. Provide a critical analysis of employee turnover trends in a given industry. How does understanding these help human resource managers to measure and control it so that the workplace remains functional and productive?
  9. What advantages and disadvantages do companies have in recruiting for positions internally? What are the legal challenges or issues that can arise with this practice?
  10. As technology has made it possible for more employees to work from home, what new challenges are faced by human resource managers trying to develop teams of the most qualified personnel?
  11. What are the most effective methods for predicting or forecasting the supply and demand cycle in terms of employee turnover? What do human resource managers need to do to ensure they keep a productive balance?
  12. How do childcare policies affect employees’ satisfaction and what can human resource departments do encourage worker retention at their companies?

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