Practical Advice On Choosing A Master's Dissertation Topic

In order to choose an appropriate Master’s dissertation topic to write about, you will first need to consider any topics that you have enjoyed studying about as part of your course. In fact, it might be that you have a particular theme in mind already and simply need to narrow down an appropriate title.

Whether you need to think of a general topic to write about or a specific title to base your work on, brainstorming techniques can be an excellent way of coming up with ideas and narrowing down any ideas that you might have. For example, it can be useful to spend a few minutes just writing down any ideas that pop into your mind. You can then spend some more time focusing on each of these ideas, in order to try and develop and expand upon what you have already thought of.

Ultimately, once you have a few ideas written down, you will then be able to start narrowing down the list, by thinking of the pros and cons associated with each idea, before eliminating any topics which you think will be at least suitable.

To give you some further ideas, the following is a list of dissertation topics that cover a wide range of subjects.

  • - What are the main reasons as to why countries go to war, including examples from the 20th and 21st centuries?
  • - With huge wages being paid to sport stars, as well as huge transfer fees, has the amount of money involved in professional sport become excessive, and should more be done to sports at grassroots levels?
  • - In what way is carbon dating used to establish time frames, and to what extent have humans reduced the effectiveness of carbon dating?
  • - What are used by dates, so by dates, and best before dates, and should consumers pay too much attention to them?
  • - How does a barcode work and what alternatives will be used in the future?
  • - How important is advertising to the global economy?
  • - An analysis of uncontacted tribes in the Amazon, and what should be done to protect their status?
  • - A comparison of religions over the past 3000 years, and any similarities or differences between central figures, official doctrine, legends, and other important aspects of these religions
  • - How effective is teacher training, and should the education system rely on the natural talents of teachers alone?
  • - To what extent do business leaders make good politicians?

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