Modern History Dissertation Topics: 18 Questions To Investigate

A dissertation on Modern History has an exciting tone to it. Students naturally feel tempted to graze the shores and take a dip. This is different from surveying the ruins at Petra or Stonehenge. Yet, what may still defeat students is the exhaustive work that stares them in the face.

Enquiring on options

If you wish, a lot of information can be found on the web, courtesy this site. You should be sure of your grounding while choosing a topic. Make no mistake; there are lots of options even in Modern History.

You should choose a subject you feel you can do justice to. You will need to scour a long list of resources and carve out an original plan from therein. This requires diligence and an eye for curiosity. Meanwhile, here are 18 dissertation topics you can give a try

  • - Where do you think the ISIS is going to take the world; considering its members are scattered around the globe?
  • - How did Industrial Revolution in the USA impact the world in general?
  • - What positives came out of the 2nd World War – Taking a reference from then and collating with current period
  • - Should Germany have taken a more serious step on former SS members? If not, why?
  • - Is the US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?
  • - Take a trip down the overall development of India in the last 70 years
  • - Has there been an earnest endeavor to give Africa a brand image?
  • - Will the Middle East problem ever be sorted out?
  • - Should USA whisk off its dominant streak in certain matters?
  • - How is China going to impact the near future?
  • - How can countries unify to solve the threat of Racism?
  • - Scour out the premise of immigrants through the world
  • - Chart the development of Australia over the last 100 years
  • - Was the Cold War the biggest criminal operation ever?
  • - Should democracy be given a raw twist the world over?
  • - Is terrorism actually a religious byproduct?
  • - A comprehensive report on current European fiscal condition
  • - Will the solving of Energy crisis be the biggest achievement of this planet?

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