Beginners’ Guide To Dissertation Writing: How To Do The Research?

Researching a topic is not as frightening as you would think. Probably the hardest part is deciding what you want to talk about. The second hardest thing is going to be narrowing down your topic. Narrowing down your topic is very important because without parameters you will never finish. Define your parameters and choose research within those parameters. This will give your dissertation a flow that is easy to read.

Here are some suggestions for researching your dissertation.

  • - Credibility is probably the most important aspect of research. In other words, you will not be researching UFO sighting using the National Enquirer Magazine. If you are wanting to make a cake, you look in a cookbook. If you are wanting to know how to change the oil on a car, then you research auto, mechanics. It makes sense if you think about it. If you want your writing to be credible, your sources must be credible
  • - The Internet is a valuable tool. With the many search engines available today, you can find any number of topics with a few clicks on the keyboards. Simply type in keywords on your chosen topic and let the Internet tell you what it finds. The problem that you will run into with the Internet is too much information. It is best to read through more than you need for your dissertation. By having more, then you can pick and choose research that you have found.
  • - Publications are both helpful and insightful. For example, if you are researching photography, the photography magazines would be a good place to find information for your project.
  • - Instruction Manuals can be very helpful when doing research for a dissertation. Not only will you find detailed step by step instructions on a particular topic, but many times there are detailed explanations of terms used. For example, you want to research how to change the oil in a car. Many times the instruction manuals on auto mechanics have pictures that walk you through the steps. The glossary of terms will help you with any words you might not recognize. These types of manuals will help tremendously with your research. You may even be able to borrow some pictures with the proper footnoting.
  • - People are a wealth of information. Interviewing professionals already working in the field that you want to research can add that personal touch. Nurses can explain the personal rewards of the profession which cannot be found in books. An Architectural Engineers can explain how they take a simple drawing and turn it into a building. A teacher can tell you want it is like to watch students grow academically. The sense of accomplishment and the pride in one’s work cannot be expressed in textbooks. It must be experienced. Interviews will add a dimension to your research that will make it stand out.

There are many more research options available. These are just suggestions. As you gain experience and confidence, you will find research both enjoyable and rewarding. It really is not as hard as you think.

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