A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics In Criminal Justice

Crime is one of the major problems that most governments face. It has made entire communities unlivable and even resulted in the unfair stigmatization of individuals. If criminal justice is a field that appeals to you, you will have to dig deep into some unsavory facts. This begins before you graduate with the classes you will have to sit through and continues with the research you will conduct on your own.

In selecting a topic for your dissertation, you will want to be unique but consider the following:

Information access

Not all crime records are accessible and depending on the type of information you seek you may find yourself repeatedly meeting dead-ends. Test out your concept first just to see if you can manage with it.

Emotional overload

There are crimes that are easy to hear about (like a child stealing candy by accident) while others are extremely brutal. If your work requires you to repeatedly go over the gruesome details of some twisted fiend’s escapades, you need to be ready for that. If that is likely to trigger bad memories for you, consider another direction.

Your faculty’s response

Your research is intended to be read by others. Make sure that it is not likely to get you booted from your college. There are some topics that can be misconstrued if poorly phrased or accompanied by questionable sources.

With that in mind, here are 15 ideas you could consider:

  1. 1) How the rate of recidivism reflects societal norms
  2. 2) Female serial killers: the ‘gentler’ side of mass murder
  3. 3) Profiling with cultural sensitivity in mind
  4. 4) Is crime ever permissible for the overall betterment of society?
  5. 5) The criminal vigilante
  6. 6) Patching broken windows: Combining social work and criminal justice to stamp crime out before it starts
  7. 7) Inhumanity: What makes a punishment ‘too harsh’?
  8. 8) Cultural context and the definition of crime
  9. 9) Should there be a universal age of consent for sexual activity?
  10. 10) Is rehabilitation possible more often than not?
  11. 11) What proportion of the prison population displayed religious tendencies as criminals?
  12. 12) How are domestic crime and international terrorism linked?
  13. 13) Are long waits on death row a form of torture?
  14. 14) Is the death penalty a viable cost cutting measure for prisons?
  15. 15) Are private prisons encouraging a new legal form of slavery?

Your own ideas are likely to vary but may still work if you keep the three points in mind.

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