Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Dissertation Prospectus

For students engaged in tertiary education, the dissertation is the final step they must take in order to graduate. This makes it extremely important as failure to produce a good one can stop you from graduating with honors or add an extra year or more to your program. The first step to success here is the completion of a prospectus. The following lists give you a clue as to what you should and should not do.


  • - Collect samples and learn from them
  • You can find samples from friends or even better you can ask your professor to see a few that he or she has been impressed by. This will give you the best idea of how your own work should look after you have finished it. Don’t just read them, study them and mimic the best parts.

  • - Acquire guideline materials
  • There are rules to the completion of a proposal. Once you access these and adhere to them, you work will almost certainly end well. If you have not received any specific to your professor or college, check the Internet.

  • - Seek assistance if you are still confused
  • Asking for help may cost you pride but it can also improve your grade if done properly. Talk to someone who submitted their prospectus to rave reviews and see if they can make the process easier for you to understand.


  • - Plagiarize (on purpose or accidentally)
  • This is a very serious offense and may even get you booted from your institution if it is discovered. When done intentionally the consequences are often more severe but if you do it accidentally, it may be seen as a sign of incompetence. Your supervisory committee may take you less seriously as a result.

  • - Propose a grander concept than you can handle
  • This can have a delayed effect on you. If the proposal is well received and accepted, you will end up unable to complete the dissertation you described. It would be almost like setting yourself up to fail later on.

  • - Procrastinate
  • This is a common problem among students. If you wait very long to get your work started, you may not do as well as you could have otherwise. You would be cheating yourself out of the chance to show how good you are.

While every rule has an exception, these should almost always be followed.

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